After one season of using the Technotill seedingsystem on hundreds of research-sized plots, across various soil types in four counties, a central Alberta applied research association, says it was pleased with the performance the Technotill system delivered for its 2009 field trials.


“We were very pleased with how the seeding system performed,” says Alvin Eyolfson, manager and field crop agronomist for the BRRG, which is headquartered in Forestburg, Alta.

Alvin Eyolfson, BRRG Manager - Forestburg, AB (read more)



Dean Krause is a believer in the benefits of useful farm equipment technology, and Technotill has a product he finds compatible with modern crop production and variable rate systems. “I am always looking for ways to increase profit and improve efficiency on our farm,” says Krause, who farms near Wetaskiwin, Alta."


“In terms of the cropping component of the farm, we want to get the best germination possible and best return for inputs. For the past several years we’ve seeded with a Flexicoil 3450 Variable Rate Cart and Flexicoil 820 equipped with the Technotill Seeding System. “In 2010 we’ll be using a New Holland P1060, 430 bushel Variable Rate Air Cart and 60 foot New Holland P2060 equipped with Technotill.”

Dean Krause - Wetaskiwin, AB (read more)



"I also wanted to see how Technotill would work in sod, so decided to do a trial, seeding canola, in a field of alfalfa and grass that I had sprayed out the previous fall."


"I came back to have a look at the trial a few days later, at the start of the normal growing season. I could see that there had been excellent seed placement and a good stand of canola, so I converted the rest of the air seeder to seed the 2004 crop.”

Art Wocknitz - Magrath, AB (read more)



“The beauty of the Technotill system is that I can use the John Deere along with another older air tank and have a double shoot system,” says Collin, who farms southwest of Foremost. “It may not be the prettiest system out there, but the price is right and the main thing is, it does an excellent job.”

Stewart Collin - Foremost, AB (read more)



“The Technotill opener places seed at whatever depth you need to reach moisture, and then a simple skid plate assembly packs from one-quarter to threeeighths inch of soil on top of the seed,” says Cubbon. “The seed may be down 2 or 3" but there’s only this narrow band of packed soil on top of the seed. It provides excellent seed to soil contact. Some loose soil may fall back into the little furrow, but the canola can easily germinate and work its way to the surface.”


Although he has seeded canola in a wide range of conditions over the 5 years he’s used the Albertamade Technotill system, he says as long as the seed has good moisture and soil contact it can germinate in as little as 3 days, even when seeded 2 to 3" deep.

Wayne Cubbon - North Battleford, SK (read more)



“I like the fact that you can seed to moisture and place the seed in a firm undisturbed seed bed,” says Voelpel. “I pack three-eighths of an inch of soil on top of the seed. I have seeded as deep as 3 or 4". There’s a bit of loose dirt falling back in on the seed row, but it doesn’t affect germination.”

Greg Voelpel - Southey, SK (read more)



After direct seeding more than 14,000 acres over the past few years, east-central Alberta producer Bill Roberts remains convinced the Technotill seeding system is a simple, cost effective way to get seed in the ground.


Roberts and his wife Bernice run a mixed farming operation near Wainwright, just west of the Saskatchewan border. He says the narrow Technotill system helps conserve soil moisture, places and packs seed at an accurate soil depth, and has a durable, trouble-free seed boot.

Bill Roberts - Wainwright, AB (read more)



“We used the Technotill system for the first time in 2006,” says Walker. “It worked well on all crops, but I was particularly pleased on how it worked in establishing a new forage stand.”


He used the system on a hilly field that has lighter soil unsuited to annual cropping.

Dave Walker - Rosetown, SK (read more)


West-central Saskatchewan farmer Willis Bossaer used to think there were only two options for seeding canola under dry conditions: switch to a different crop or seed canola and pray for rain.


Then the North Battleford, Sask.-area farmer found a third option. He began using a seed drill opener that placed seed to moisture - fairly deep if need be - but still only pack a narrow band of soil on top of the seed. Bossaer was a bit skeptical when he installed the Technotill openers on his air seeder in 1998, but “once we started using them, I could see what a good job it was doing and we never looked back. It produces very consistent results.”

Willis Bossaer - North Battleford, SK (read more)



“The Precision Packers worked well in all conditions – even early in the spring when my soil was very lumpy. Germination was excellent and I think that the ability to safely separate seed and fertilizer is a real benefit of this system. The Precision Packers allowed me to create a cost effective seeding unit out my Wil-rich cultivator. I call it my “Wil-rich air drill’!”


Don seeds about 600 acres annually. His soil is dark brown, with some clay and sandy loam. In 2001 he seeded wheat, barley and winter wheat. Moisture conditions were average in the spring, although it was very dry during the growing season.


Don’s seeding unit is a 31 foot Wil-rich cultivator with 12 inch spacings, Atom Jet CB15 knives and Precision Packers with 2 burrs. He uses a Concorde air cart, and in 2001 he used the Precision Packers to double shoot granular fertilizer.

Don Moe - Delia, AB (read more)



“The Precision Packers gave me excellent germination – the best in the district this year.”


Peter’s land varies a lot – grey-wooded soil, sandy loam, and clay with hard pan. In 2001 he seeded 1000 acres – barley, wheat, canola, oats, and oats underseeded to alfalfa. Moisture conditions were below average during seeding, with below average rainfall during the growing season.


Peter’s seeding unit is a 32 foot John Deere 610 with 10 inch spacings, Atom Jet CB15 knives, and Precision Packers with 2 burrs. In 2001 he used the Precision Packers to double shoot granular fertilizer.

Peter Starko - Lamont, AB


Customer Satisfaction

"It worked like Technotill said it would. I liked seeding into an unfractured seedbed, and got excellent germination. The capital cost for my seeding unit is much lower than any other system I looked at."

Jeff Murray - Lyleton, MB



"My neighbour bought the system this spring. When I look at his crop, I know I should have bought it too. I want them this summer so I'm ready for next spring."

Curtis Mcminis - Mannville, AB



"We have limited moisture here. I needed a system where I can seed to moisture and have a shallow, controllable pack."

Jim Matthews - Hardisty, AB



“Since I started using the Precision Packers I have had no problems with germination. The drier the conditions, the better they work. If the crop comes up quickly and evenly what else can you expect from a seeding unit? I really like the advantage of being able to use a flat plate for wet conditions and a plate with burrs for dry conditions.”


Willis seeded 1150 acres in 2001: wheat, barley, peas and canola. His soil is sandy loam.


His seeding unit is a 32-foot Blanchard floating hitch cultivator with 12-inch spacings, Atom Jet CB15 knives and Precision Packers with 2 burrs. He uses a Flexicoil 1000 air cart and can double shoot dry fertilizer.

Willis Bossaer - North Battleford, SK



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