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Western Producer, Jan 2018

"New Technotill packer does dual side band"


Western Producer, Feb 2015

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"Technotill flexibility was the selling feature"


Western Producer, Jan 2015

"Technotill helps with transition to full-time grain farm" (full story)


Western Producer, Dec 2013

"Technotill System handles heavy crop residue"


Western Producer, Nov 2013

"Technotill shines even when it rains"


Western Producer, Dec 2011

"1000 Foot Views Show Technotill Advantage"


Western Producer, March 2011

"Technotill Brings New Life to An Old Cultivator"


Western Producer, March 2011

"Technotill Shines in Muddy Conditions"


Western Producer, Jan 2011

"Technotill Gets Seed Placed Leaves Rocks Where They Are"


Western Producer, Jan 2011

"Technotill Direct Seeding into Sod"


Western Producer, Feb 2010

"Technotill did the job for Battle River research projects"


Grainews, Dec 2009

"Opener eases clean out"


Western Producer, Dec 2009

"Technically advanced, simple and profitable"


Watch the videos on the 2009 Technotill Seeding System Study


Western Producer, 2009

"Get The Most Out Of Your Air Seeder"


Western Producer, 2009

"Technotill has a good forage fit"


Western Producer, Jan 15th 2009

"Seeding Made Simple"


Western Producer, 2007

"Wainwright Producer... Simple Seeding Solution"


Grainews Feature, April 2007

"Technotill openers can handle wet conditions"


Grainews, April 9th 2007

"Seed canola into moisture with Technotill system"


Grainews, March 6th 2006

"Skid plate packer part of unique direct seeding system"


Western Producer Feature

"Canola can be “shallow seeded” at any depth"


Reduced Tillage LINKAGES Feature, August 2003

"A Low-Cost Way to Begin Direct Seeding"



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